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Do you want to understand the Gain values of your DJI Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision or Phantom 2 Vision+. I have flown both my Inspire 1 PRO and the Phantom Advanced owned by others. My Inspire is running the latest firmware with default settings for gain,expo,et. Do you know what ALL your Gain &Expo Tuning/Pitch EXP and Throttle settings does? I sure don't. But I would love to know! Some of them I can't notice a differ.

Для чего gain в dji светофильтр nd8 dji выгодно

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Для чего gain в dji 348
Модель x5x5x5x Дополнительный аккумулятор к бпла mavic pro
Защита винтов оригинальная мавик на avito Has anybody tried to change these values and see any effect on the behavior of the aircraft? My settings in the advanced menu are as follows EXP 0. Your mileage may vary I like the aircraft to be really soft gaiin mushy and not agile. Have any had similar feelings about flying these two platforms, and what Inspire 1 PRO settings for gain, expo, etc. You need to log in before you can reply Login Register now.
Складная площадка фантом напрямую с завода You must log in or sign up to post here. Владимирустарела ж уже это видео. JerryLaurence Offline JerryLaurence lvl. Labroides Offline Labroides Captain Flight distance: Dmitry Offline Dmitry lvl.
Или принципиально Gain писать по русски - гейн?: PNG in your post? I say this because I fly with different devices and thought I had to change the device settings, I did not realize the settings were stored on the Aircraft. But I would love to know! May 2, Messages: Can you guide me step-by-step? Sorry for being out of discussion for a while

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