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I went to Andriod after being a Windows Phone user for 2 years. I was fed up with barely any apps working, and when one did, it always just seemed like a bootleg version of the app available for iOS or Android. I wouldn't hold your breaht for any Windows Phone app to come out, let alone work. Windows 10 is running on more than million active devices* and I think it's time to use the great opportunity of the Windows Universal App Concept to bring the DJI GO App to our Windows eco-system! A few months ago Microsoft has also announced a iOS->Windows Phone bridge to simply port any. You want DJI GO on Windows 10? Act! DJI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has not replied yet or has not been contacted. Contact this publisher now and copy his reply in comments!

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TIP: DJI GO 4 App for Android Devices❿❽ Geebax Posted at Mavic Pro Discussions Feb 2, software that works on windows tablet? Mavic Pro Discussions Aug 26, Advanced Bold Text Color Upload. You can go to any major recruitment sites and Twitter Facebook Favorite Like 3.

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